Valvole mix proof DSV doppia sede

Valvole igieniche / asettiche

Why use Südmo double seat valves? As well as a wide range, the series of these mixproof valves is characterized by ease of handling and maintenance, and is therefore the ideal component for operating your processes with maximum efficiency and safety.

  • Reliable separation of two media (e.g. product and cleaning liquid)
  • Two sealing elements work separately, leakage chamber open to atmosphere (avoids pressure build-up, visual leakage detection)
  • Innovative sealing solutions (O-ring /RSC in seat area, form-fit profile seal in shaft area)
  • No mixing, no contamination between two medias
  • Optimized drive & control concept (ideal combination with Südmo IntelliTop 2.0 Control Top)
  • Easy to maintain (no special tools required)- low maintenance costs
  • All surfaces in contact with product can be cleaned
  • Highest operating pressures (up to 10 bar / 145 psi)
  • Highest quality (body machined from a solid piece of bar)

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Valvole mix proof DSV doppia sede

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